Get strategic with your digital outreach.

Are you spending too much of your time on multiple marketing channels– with questionable results? Are you overwhelmed by the notion that you must create even more digital ads, blogs, vlogs, email newsletters, and social media posts in order to attract attention?

Uncover & Amplify What Works

The truth is that when it comes to marketing, a handful of tactics drive the vast majority of leads and customer growth. First, I’ll dig into the data to uncover what’s productive for your business. Then, I’ll double down on those activities using current best practices to maximize results. Finally, I’ll integrate the tactics to guide your audience through a journey towards purchase.

Build a System

With an optimized system for nurturing your ideal customers online,  your marketing will land with more impact. The best part? You can dial back on the tasks that waste your time and money.

Are you ready?


Analytics provide a clear, unbiased picture of what's working and what's wasting your time and resources.

Digital Strategy


With a plan for driving results, you can focus on the important activities, emphasizing quality over quantity.

Online Marketing Coaching

Tactical Coaching

It's one thing to know what needs to be done, another to know how to do it effectively. I'll guide you every step of the way.

Hands-On Execution

Need to lighten your load of digital marketing tasks? Let's talk about what I can shoulder for you.

Get off the marketing treadmill and start moving forward!

Tracking methods such as tags and pixels reveal how your audience interacts with your content, while analytics help you understand what’s working and what’s not so that you can double down on your successes.

Online ads raise awareness of your brand and draw new audiences to explore your offerings. Examples include search ads, social media ads, and banner ads.

Social media fosters an ongoing relationship with your followers. On social media, you can let your individuality, humanity, and expertise shine through while staying top of mind.

Blogs establish your authority and credibility. When structured correctly, they make you more visible to search engines like Google.

Videos can inform or entertain. Most importantly, they give your audience richer information about who you really are. Plus, more and more people use platforms such as YouTube to search for information about topics directly related to your products and services.

Email still remains one of the highest-converting platforms. Why? It allows direct, ongoing communication with your most engaged audiences– without all of the rigid constraints of third-party sites.

Every business owner has  preferences for headlines, imagery, content, etc. But does your target audience share those tastes? Head-to-head split testing can provide an unbiased assessment of what captures attention and elicits desired outcomes. 

Once you’ve nailed down the elements of effective outreach, automation can provide a consistent journey for your audience while freeing more of your time to focus elsewhere.

"Suddenly, it all came together!"

I was blogging, posting on social media, making videos, and constantly fiddling with my website... sometimes it seemed like I spent more time trying to promote myself than actually helping my clients or running my business. Keisha showed me that that by focusing my efforts and tweaking my approach, I could do less and achieve more.
Justin Jakes


  • Website traffic insights
  • Social Media Insights


  • Diagnostics Package -PLUS-
  • Customized strategies for increasing web traffic, capturing leads, developing lead nurturing campaigns, and measuring success

Strategy &
Tactical Coaching

  • Diagnostics -PLUS-
  • Strategy Consultation -PLUS-
  • Ongoing coaching on how to implement the strategy

Hands-On Execution

Need assistance with specific digital marketing tasks? Take advantage of the flexible hourly option (2-hour minimum). Example activities:

  • Facebook or Google Ads setup and management
  • Email templates
  • Graphic design services
  • Copywriting or editing
  • Video shooting, editing, subtitles, tagging and uploading
  • Software setup (e.g., pop-ups, lead magnet delivery, email capture forms, email automation)
  • Campaign split testing

Meet Keisha

What do you do if you’re a data nerd with a creative streak and a fascination with psychology?  You become a marketer! What other field allows you to write, design visuals, crunch numbers, keep up with new technology, and study what motivates people to do what they do?  That’s digital marketing.

Although my calling card is my ability to use today’s ever-changing digital tools to attract and engage your ideal targets online,  the real key to success is thinking like a customer.  Why do they buy? What are they seeking when they enter different online platforms? How can you meet their unspoken emotional needs as well as their stated practical ones? When you crack that code, your business thrives.

Keisha Smith, Digital Marketing Consultant

Keisha Smith
Digital Marketing Consultant

The power of digital marketing is the rich feedback it provides. You don’t have to guess if you’re striking a chord with your audience– it’s all right there in analytics.  Every campaign teaches you something new. The ongoing learning and quest for improvement keep me excited every day!